Hello, I hope you are all doing well this beautiful Thursday.  I'm truly getting so excited for the cooler weather to arrive.  I'm for sure a summer girl and that will probably never change, I could probably go all year round with summer weather and be completely fine but I feel like this summer was absurdly hot so I'm kinda ready for fall and all the new fall trends. I can't wait for the booties, scarves and cute hates, but for now I'm going to hold onto summer for just a little bit longer.  I'll try to get more summery outfit posts out soon. Its been such a crazy couple of months and time is just flying by. I really honestly can't believe were into august... I've been loving rompers a lot this year. This one that I'm wearing is from Zara.  It's one of the most comfortable rompers that I own.  I like the white t-shirt underneath, It reminds me of my childhood.   I was alway dressing like this, and it brings back some found memories.  I love how some trends never die and that it will some how make it's way back into style.