Are you guys back to school ready?  I put this look together to give some motivation to get back into the swing of things.  I'm not sure about you guys but going back to school was always so rough for me.  I hated that the summer was ending and it was just something I rarely looked forward too.  What I looked forward to the most was getting to go shopping for new outfits.  My mom always gave me a certain amount of money for clothes.  I always felt like it gave me the boost I needed to be excited for school.  I felt like a boss walking through the hallways with my friends in all of our new outfits.   Hahah.  I found this cute backpack from Asos.  Ohhh how I love Asos.  I seriously can find so many goodies there.  They carry so many different types of brands that it's just so easy to find the things you want and are looking for.  Lets take a moment and talk about these sandals.  Holy Crap Cuteness!!  I think that these might be the cutest sandals I've ever owned.  I found these also at Asos. Congratulations Asos, you're getting my whole paycheck every week.   Haha, well guys I hope this gave you some motivation to go out and hunt for some cute outfits and have a fresh start to the school year. Love you guys.  Thank you all for reading.