I've been on the hunt for home decor lately since Vince and I recently just moved into our new home.  My favorite stores to shop at have been Anthropology, Target, Homegoods and Nordstrom's. My obsession has been really bad when it comes to anthropology though. I could buy the whole store if I could afford to spend that kind of money. Hahah. Everything there just is so unique and speaks to who I am. Its been a struggle to find things that I like at other stores lately.  So I recently leaned that H&M has home decor and I'm totally loving it all. Its so refreshing to see some inexpensive, reasonable decor that I actually like.  I've really been into golds, grays and whites with pops of color. I've been looking for dark green, maroon or gold pillows for my couch. Honestly I could decorate my whole house in gold. I think it dresses up a room and is so Flattering. Below are just some of the items I have my eyes on at H&M.  Comment and tell me if you guys are finding unique decor. I would love to check it out.