Does anyone else love to exfoliate their skin as much as I do? Im obsessed with doing full body exfoliation treatments.  It's like i just got back from a spa every time I do one. I try to do it once every two weeks and I usually just use simple ingredients from my own home. Yes ladies, no need to go out to the store. You probably have everything you need right in your cabinets. All you need is a banana, coconut oil, coffee grounds, some sugar and some honey. Thats it. Typically, I like to exfoliate at least once a month or right before I get a spray tan. Exfoliating before a spray tan is the best way to preserve the tan and make it last for as long as possible. I've noticed my Make-up seems to go on so much smoother as well.   I always just feel fresh and ready to go after I exfoliate. I'll make my treatment and I'll get in the shower and scrub my whole body with it. I like to leave it on my skin for a little bit and then scrub it off.  It truly is the best feeling to get all the dead skin off. Ive been doing this treatment to my skin for years and nothing beats these simple at home ingredients.

what you'll need..

1 Banana 
1 tbsp of Coconut oil
1/4 cup of Sugar 
1/4 Cup of Coffee Grounds 
1 tsp of Honey

Step 1: Mix ingredients together well.
Step 2: Get in the shower and get your body wet.
Step 3: Turn off water and start scrubbing your body really well.
Step 4: Let sit on skin for couple of minutes. Then wash off.
Coconut Oil