I finally got honeymoon pictures up on the blog but I have to do it in three posts. One because there are a ton of pictures and two because each place we went to was so amazing and deserves it's very own post. Vince and I decide to do a European honeymoon because we thought that it would probably be the only time we would get to go and travel in the way that we did. We both want kidos and it will be a struggle to travel with them later on so we thought it was the perfect time to go and have an adventure. We did one full day in Paris. Four days in Rome, and four days in Positano, Italy. Our main destination was Positano but decided that it would be nice to split up the travel time and get to see Paris and Rome. It actually worked out to be cheaper in flights to do it the way we did. Traveling to Europe can be pretty expensive so we knew we had a limit to our spending. To make sure we got the cheapest flights I downloaded the app called Hopper. If you've never used hopper before then you are missing out because it helped us make sure we got the lowest prices possible. The app will alert you if prices are going up or going down in price.  We also used Skyscanner.com and kiwi.com to score the cheapest flights. Another way we saved money was using the airbnb app which was awesome. It has its pros and cons. Before booking any place on airbnb, we really checked all of their reviews and read over all of the guidelines. It's important to read everything because you could get stuck paying an extra hidden fee that you had no idea about.  For me personally there were more pros than cons.  We didn't have any issues with the airbnbs in Europe. If anything it made us feel more like the locals and less like tourist which was great. If you are interested in using airbnb you can use my link (Here) and get $40 off your first booking. We had a six hour flight and landed in Iceland, then had a one hour layover and had two more hours on the airplane before we arrived in paris. The jet lag at this point had kicked in by the time we arrived in Paris and we were ready for sleep.  We ended up sleeping the whole night and woke up ready for our morning.

Theres is just something so special about Paris I can't quite put my finger on but it's just so beautiful and full of life and it makes you want to drop everything back home and move there. Maybe it's the building, the shops, the food or just the atmosphere, it's all so dreamy. I will warn you though. The people that live there aren't as friendly and can easily ruin your trip if you let them. We literally only had one day to see as much as possible. Poor planing on our part because we could have stayed there forever. Knowing we had limited time, I knew I wanted to see the Eiffel tower. I wanted to see it during the day and I wanted to see it lit up at night. We decided to wake up early and make the most of our one and only day. We left our airbnb and just started walking the streets of Paris. I'll be honest, at first all I could think about was the pick pockets. I held my bag in front of me the whole time because I was so worried. Hahaha i was terrified I was going to get all my stuff stolen. It's probably because all Vince and I did leading up to the weeks of our honeymoon was watch YouTube videos on the pick pockets and information on the city. We wanted to be prepared. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry.  We found a cute little croissant place and at breakfast there.  It was my first time having a croissant and man oh man was it delicious. It was so flakey and buttery, it was delicious. We continued walking the streets of Paris and checked out some gift shops then made our way to the Eiffel tower. The Eiffel tower took my breath away seeing it for the first time. So gigantic with so much beauty and history. I really wanted to have lunch and sit in the grass and have a picnic so we left and were on the hunt for our picnic food. We found a grocery store and had our lunch right next to the Eiffel tower. I can say it's officially checked off my bucket list.  Having a picnic under the Eiffel tower. We decided to continue our walk though Paris and ended up on a boat ride through the city. The little cruise boat is great because it is a straight shot and allows you to see some of the cities most popular landmarks like Norte Dame, The Eiffel tower, and the Louvre. After checking out some more gift shops and spending too much money we were ready for dinner. We were so excited to sit down because we had been walking all day and we just wanted a great meal. We headed to the latin quarter and had the most delicious meal ever. French onion soup, snails, duck and Crème brûlée to top it off. It was so good and I highly recommend going to the latin quarter and finding a restaurant and having dinner there. After dinner we had found a crepe shop in the latin quarters that had fresh strawberries. Vince had been looking all day for a crepe place that had fresh strawberries but non of them had any. We finally found one and it was beyond amazing. I might just have to go back to Paris just for that crepe. Please, please if you go to Paris, have a crepe with fresh strawberries. It will change your life. By the time we were done with our dinner and desert it was dark out and we were beat, but I knew I had to see the Eiffel tower lit up at night before we left so we decided to go. As soon as we got there and walked up to the tower it started to twinkle. How awesome, we made it in perfect timing. It was truly something to remember. Our Paris trip will be with me forever and I could only dream of going back a second time and actually having more time to really see more and do a lot more. One day I hope. Hope you guys have a wonderful day and thanks for reading.

I will have part 2 and part 3 out later this week I hope.