Our last destination was Positano, Italy.  Let me tell you, this place is so dreamy and magical and this little town has so much to offer. Positano was so surreal to me, I kept having to pinch myself because I didn't believe I was actually getting to go to this beautiful place.  I have dreamed of going to Positano for as long as I can remember. Pictures don't quite do it justice. The mountains are breathtaking. Where ever you walk in the town you're surrounded by the most amazing views. Our airbnb was really high up into the mountains which was cool because we then we could look down and have a great view overlooking everything. We defiantly felt more like the locals then tourist. Which was nice because we got the full Italian experience. Our first day was so much fun. We got up and had breakfast in our airbnb and decided to walk down two-thousand steps to get down to the main town. Oh my goodness, that was a big mistake. haha. We thought it would have been a breeze walking down but it was the exact opposite. We were in so much pain for the first five-hundred steps. It was so tiring but we made it. I was glad that we did it because we got some amazing views of the ocean. We said we were for sure taking the bus for the rest of the trip. That was for sure. Haha. I feel like this part of our trip went by the fastest and I'm dying to go back. It really was the highlight of our honeymoon. Maybe one day we will take our kids there.

The Airbnb we stayed in. (Here)