Alright guys, I don't know where I've been and why it took me so long to find this but I'm here to share this with you all because it's bomb and i love it. I also think you will enjoy it if you give it a try. If you've ever had Starbucks passion tea lemonade then this is a post for you. THE HEALTHY VERSION! Ive been really trying to cut back on diet soda and coffee. It was becoming a problem and I needed to find something that I could make at home that was easy and that would save me some money. I love lemonade and cold brew teas. Ive alway done the cold brew along with crystal light. Crystal light is really bad for you. Aspartame is one of the ingredients in the ingredient list and there are studies that show that aspartame affects the immune system and may lead to stress and inflammation. I struggle with inflammation so its super important for me to find things that won't cause me inflammation. 

What I use Is the Tazo passion tea bags. I get the caffeine free one and I use the Monk fruit sweetener over stevia.  Monk Fruit sweetener is one of the healthiest sweeteners on the market currently. It is natural and comes from fruit. Stevia seems to cause some stomach discomfort for me so I steer clear of any stevia products. Monk fruit sweetener is really gentle and doesn't cause me any issues. If stevia works for you then it's also a great sweetener for this drink. 

Directions: Boil a large pot of water and add 3 of the Tazo Passion Tea bags to the pot. Let cool for 20 minutes to an hour or until cooled. Add to pitcher, add 1/2 cup of Monk fruit sweetener and a cup and half of lemonade concentrate to the pitcher. Stir well and once lemon concentrate is added the color should turn a light pink color. Store in the fridge and let it get cold and enjoy.